Sunday, August 03, 2014

The day in the life of........... Bob..... Tom..... and this new guy named ..Dude, what's with your hair?

Dear Readers, Story time......

Dude what is with your hair the Janitor said?

Oh that, it is the fritzies today, I hate muggy mondays, they just hate me too, can't brush it, can't dampen it, after all that is only more moisture... so I just light it on fire and let it flame for a while, takes about 3 hours for the fires to go out and then the hair is relaxed and I am not so aggggggee tat a tat a tat a tat ed ed ed.. and can talk again too..

The Janitor, was this old old dude that just hung around the hallways of the school like it was his business to clean up every mess, every slip of the floor tiles due to shiny things falling out of the sky or even the odd bit of strange star stuff that would be wheeled into the arena to be poured over by 1,000's of worker bots and drones and then the antlike Ant-miners ( not only were they 18 legged but also at times just as deft at looking totally Earthlike ants that Bob said they were the Old Fire Ant miners of Tracius Four.

The school was a center piece of the Whole Galactic Federation's 14 stringer Arms and tentadrils spanning an area of close to 3,000,000,000 light years at it's longest length edge, and then the thin sections of only 4,500,000 light years where the thin arms of stringers were and the dark areas they were still linking into the voids of the darkness, finding things that the old old old ones only thought were filled with dark matter they called it.

The Janitor almost got lost in thought when the fire broke out, it seemed a load tray of Live Meal worms heading to a friend of his in a far away place was being chased by this larger creature screaming Cluck Cluck cluck.. and the meal Worms fearing for thier lives, started up their plasma cannons and the hallway between the Confernce on Ant Larva early education and the need to understand the wants of Moklermimes and the .... oh his light Saber was on and the cCluck was stopped dead i it's tracks, but still loudly clucking and Tom had the plasma cannon offline with one fell slice and the FireAntAngels were foooozzzsshhhing the bits of fire melting the hall's walls,,,,,, sizzzles whoosh,, the fume hoods took thesmoke scents of burnt things away and a soft floral smell was shuffled into the area and cool breezes were wafting in.

The Janitor, looked at the Big Clucking thing and Asked with his mind softly at the edges,, Are you okay? It gave a deep feather fluffer and sat down in place.. and it's mind sniffled a bit,, he took, me wormie away.. was the thought given.

Then the creature seemed to shrink in size and was about the same as a normal Garden Chicken not a raging thing, and then her eyes blinked and her voice said,,, Oh I hate that when I turn into a raving meal worm killer... Sorry was her last words as she fell asleep in her spot...

The Janitor, put up a No-wake this person zonal alert sign and directed some young Fire Ant Jedi to sit and watch for her to awaken again.

Bob looked over at the dude with the flames for hair, and motioned to the scene just seen, You have days like that don't you? Yes the flaming hair nodded. Yes I do. Glad I am controled by muse and donuts though he said as a fizzled donut torched a bit as it passed his lips.


Line break of the first of a series of stories about the Janitor....



I thought of this themed story a few days ago,, the other thinking stream was the Janitor's retirement and then I also have a storyline about the PResident of the 3 Galaxies Federation that looks like a dude in shorts ( Oh right okay he looks a lot like me,, but you know ).. that is visiting Earth on a "Hi there welcome to neighborhood mission to get the warring factions on Earth to be a bit more peaceful, but that the Federation, is going to be installing monitors on Earth to help them get aware of the FEderation of concerned planets that spans the 3 nearest galaxies and that earth is smack dap in the middle of it,, there was a trigger..... okay I digress, getting to far out the head to paper is not my habit... keeps my secret stories secret for a while longer....

This the Flaming hair dude and the chicken were inspired by my flaming itching hot and rip the skin off legs as I came into the house to get benidril to put the fires out, I don't take it often, just when the feelings flare to the point that I am thinking I am standing in a lake of burnt he skin off fire, and rip my hair out thoughts... I don't think I'd really want to be in Hell, everyone seems to have this notion that it will be cool and calm and game like,, but I have this feeling they'd jump away from the fire like facts faster than if they were filled with any of their major fears. and then felt the world pushing them toward them....

Which reminds me I was in this place that was a night mare world, First time I have had a night mare in a while, so I was out hunting the nightmare makers too, in the mental arenas... But comeing in the house made a bee line to my bathroom. The torn apart box that I crushed in a rage the other day, and tore off a tab sheet pill with out thinking about it mush and headed back to the kitchen singing about the pill talking about me eating it, and pop the pill drink the perrier, even if warm and a bit flat.

Then I told myself the body was dead from my nose down, and I also turned off the left arm , having to tell myself I was dead from the nose down, then when I got the ice tray out to put ice into a glass of things to drink,, that I was up to my nose in black acid and I had to help someone else, and I closed my eyes and turned my head back to float in the acid and roll my eyes into my lower skull, and seek the blackness.... about a 20 second count the fire itch was under enough mental control to get a few things done and then the story flashed and I came here to unload this and that here...

Life in the day of Charles,, but re titled to a story.... waves to the readers.

Hugs to my friends family and all those new folks.. I am not dead honest, just filled with a lot of things to do, so cheers.

May the Peace of Christ that passes all understanding be yours one and all.
Charles.... aka The Janitor,,, an old old old old dude, future past...

Friday, August 01, 2014

Ten Thousand Million Billion Trillion Ionillions in Hell with Christ, as the Day's Only Love.

Dear Readers, And those folks that know me in the days future past.

The Tilted title is a bit oddly off the side wall of the shower stall, it hit the walls running for all his faced, tears the tears of his finger nails, Skin For Skin status Satan had said to God the Father, There was that verse in Chapter 2 of Job. But today his job was to be Hell's private citizen rarified air of the Heavenly Places, The Boy Wonder, Jesus whom they were to say later, but much much later, that he spent a hugely long time in hell. For their Sins, For all their sins, all is a lot when you have to not realize you have the lux of knowing where and when the end of time would have been. But his screams of ......

It is Finished... and then the.............

The screamer so forth frothed that his father really just up and left the room, as he could not handle it any more...

The Boy, ney the man his hair curly and longish, only now shoulder length it was summer and the fuzz of summer humidity would turn his locks to curly cursed locks, daily brushing, even if wahed daily, still he'd not washed his hair in soap and water for about ummmm it was like 4 years he thought to himself.

He saw his mom, whom had been with him while his dad had been away at that war, when he was only 3 going on 4, then 4th birthday hit and then feb here it rolled and his dad was there off the plane and that was family history.

The Man tore at his flesh, his fingers, screaming about the same as his voice, but his finger were not going to stop, he screamed bloody well better stop them satan intoned, or you're going to rip all your skin off little boy Jesus...... Ha ha ha ha ah,,, oh darn he did it, as the little boy looked at the Devils glaring face in the mirror mind image.

The boy says that his times in hell were fewer and fewer and further between the sad days and the off the ill-fed-dead-days when his body was out working his fingers off to feed the people his willpower said, feed my sheep. But that is almost another story all together, but is not the end, far far from the end,, how long was he here he often asks us....

The man stands there and smiles at the men and women there to help him, but then he also goes into the dark places, the fires of hell just seem to wash over the area and the flames burn the city blocks places blacken,, they above the roar say, Gaza war zone, headliners they flash and his face is not seen as his fleash is leeched up out into the flames and his souls soles and the flames I Fire I fire I fire I fire and the souls of the kids, the adults the people drift to him and he holds them dearly closer still, his job is not over the wars of the hell on earth and the peace on earth and flames bust him into crystal and the brighten stars shine as his rays brighten them all the souls held close and he and they travel, but his grasp of them lessens and his flames die back and the soft winter sunliner says, songs are heard.

The snow's those flakes the dust of flamed out concrette and dust and the white fly lands in the garden and the boy looks out and points Oh hi there, dude the boy eases his rest sideways. I thought I knew you were here.

Hi, the over isn't and the odor of burnt flesh is not there really, but the man for the few seconds his mind is off on the white fly traveling out of the scene, he thinks,, that could be an angel, but it's just a white fly got caught on a wind drifting and felt it's wings engage and could drift over the garden.

line break 3 lines break




But dear reader, you know by now that the signs of the times aren't what they appear, you have seen by my lines of things, that my life is not as it seems on the outside.

My legs have been fired up his summer, mostly due to the extreme nature of the needs I have been given to handle, and the first 3rd x going sick on the march 26th till the final day taking her home to her place, in my Yellow (borrowed from dad work van) GMC Vandura 2500,,, about the size of a van I'd need if I were just a bit over 1/6th a ton of human.. lol) van... the foot was hard to move, I asked her if she could lift her foot, she said, I can't. So I bent down and first the one then the other and the lifting was easy and hard all at the same time. I was worried that this was going to be a hard trip, to get her to the cell phone place, out, and in there and then back in here, even thought I had my mom's wheel chair here with me. So As I got her foot is as best I could and away from the door closed area. I looked up to tell her, and the eyes were far seeing but open, and the face was the one I would see often in the past when she'd drift off in a heart attack, nothing new, just a bit odd and disquieting all at once.

The nurse asked, is she alright, and I said, no she passed out.

Then she rushed off and I just held her hand, it was warm I was not unused to this either, and there was a calm on me and I don't know exactly where it was, I think it was that it was back inside and maybe finally they'd be able get her more help than I could provide, but I was a bit taken aback as a lady rushed to me and said.

Is she still and her sentence didn't much go on than she turned and yelled, call a code blue..

There was rushing about in the springhill baptist front pickup lane where I was parked and then there was people running to and fro inside the doors.. I turned to Barbara and looked at her slack face and wondered why were they taking so long. Then the rush of People and the man asked and then just grabbed her neck and was there. I moved to the door edge, to hold it open so they could work. He kept yelling her name and kept digging his finger's in her fleshy neck.

Her stay had not been good, she had gained a lot of water weight, it was that they could not get the right drug to fight the diabetic open wound infection, as she was considered allergic to so many of them that they were telling her, much to her anger than she must be not telling them the truth, that they were going to use one of the ones she was alergic too, and just see if it would work, otherwise they could not let her go. So the body fluid levels made her neck thickly fleshy.

His fingers finally stopped and he said, pulse weak and irregular. They had to get two beefy guys in to try to get her back out of where I had gotten her just minutes before. they had her out but she was not on the cart, I was about to offer help but just stopped they were better at this than me.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Testing of the link prargrph, typo textual,, ugh

Dear readers,

I have just written several long emails and my getting better left hand is been pushed to the max bit, it will be sore, is sore, the tendons where I used to be able to sustain a heavy flow of speed on the keys, has been in throttle down or off mode so long, these might be new connections being made.

Then if the this line don't space I will be mad.

As If I stopped posting here that longmonths ago because of it anyway wasn't bad enough

I want to post and get back into the game of downloading my thoughts and pointless rifts and drifts to the things that aren't be could be.

Recentlly posted a whole BioWebscape design concept to a yahoo article, but seeing as I was given financial advice, I just didn't think about linking me to me, lol, oh well, off to test this post,

Hi there this is a test.

If this were a real test-case-code lock down,

You'd not be reading this.


Christ's peace to you all
Ps, Hi Julia, hugs..

Saturday, July 12, 2014

To Julia, with Love.

Dear readers,,, all nine of you. I don't know how many readers I have honestly. I know I have fans, people that I know that like to read here, even thoughI havenot written in a while, the archives are filled and not an easy slog to get through. Someone I just recently met, as in recently, in the past 5,697 years, or what seems like that many in the last days leading up to the fall I took and the resulting chaos, ofother things, and added to the mix, a huge strong desire to have female companionship again. My 2rd x wife, died on the 9th of april, and seeing that I was doing what I could to get married to her again even if secretly, I know that the hole I'd get from my need to have someone Love me back. She had for long days known she'd made the mistake and our marriage broke up,,, but it wasn't her fault I got jealous, thought I'd lost her, and gave up so fast, way way back then after we had been married a few weeks, and her old boyfriend, had just gotten out of jail, showed back up. There is a city here abouts that if you kite a check,(court costs to pay back check, and big fines, kiting checks, also include overdrafting your bank accounts in this small city, the fines are heavy) or if you can't pay a traffic ticket, they jail you, if can't pay them back, If you work, you spend the weekends in jail, if you don't work its 7 days a week. he got out she got a call from, or we bumbed into the matchmaker lady of the two of them in the parking lot of the bigger lunch time soup kitchen. Long story shortened, I saw a change in her, and knew she still loved him, and didn't really know me, so I let her be happy.... less happy in that she didn't know how to tell me she wanted to stay with me, but its mote now, she died, in my arms like i woke her in the library 7 years and 7 weeks exactly to the day. She wanted to be married to me again, but we couldn't yet, but I kept her as fed ans housed as I could. Till death do you part. Well I am not one to be lonely long, I have hungers, cavier, perrier, some coffee, mushrooms in eggs and had a reader I didn't know about. facebook was where some of my energies have gone, but Runescape too,and other things, my coin collecting and design projects are many and filled. Off I went one day and she thought she'd lost her chance, to say hi.. then I post in a return set on there, broken wrist, zippy diddy do and slingo slang. User wants to be yourfriend,, check. A million lines of text later, 3 phone calls and plans to meet in the spring of 2015, heh,, hi there Julia, hugs to you dear young lady. She is younger, I get to use my skills at blush makers to style my self awareness, lets hope the editor here keeps these line breaks as they are if not it'll be a run on sentence like drafting surf board ocean floating nap time read. The peace of christ be to you all. Charles ps it is still a run on streamer it seems still going up though

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello Galaxy, welcome Earth to our fold.

Dear Readers, Whoa, long time no write, man it was only yesterday I was telling someone about my billionth novel I wrote in the galaxy I was then living in, and they were totally impressed with me and my collection. Then to slug I was talking to slide off my hand and back onto the fence post and was off on his great slime train to the stars. I haven't died, there were no nukes in my home town, yet, and the song of the south is sung somewhere, but it has been a while. If you google biowebscape you get 1,140 hits, and my face book page, youtube channel, and other places. if you google me, no one seems to have heard of me yet. they changed things since I last showed up to check, the system seems to work now, so this is a short note to go in the list of short notes, ummmmmm sazaang... blat,, oh sorry have yet to get my straw horn fixed for my concert to slug kings and space ships yet, they slime razor edges toooooo much and I think they horned in on my straw spaces and slime is hard to get off. Waves Cheers The Peace of Christ to you one and all. Charles

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BioWebScape 2.0 , XodaRap, and Penny

Dear Readers, Whoa do you see that, it really lives!!!! Yes I really am alive and not dead and this new blogspot seems to be oddly odd, now with google owning it and youtube and the old fancy way of ............ Okay this will be edited later I have to learn what I am doing now.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hot Hot and then More Hot

Dear Readers,

 It has been a month full of troubles, first my cellphone gets stolen, then the weather turns hot, then my asthma which is usually worse in the summer months kicks in with a full force.  We empty the one shed with all my former moved things in it, my room turns to chaos.  Dad replaces the floor in the shed, with the walls still standing.  Most of the place was rearranged, a few dozen books were trashed as they suffered with water damage, as the floor of shed was known to get wet, it was on the list of things to do, but got shoved off the top several times for several different and at the time valid reasons.  Most of the books damaged weren't the books I'd cry over.  I am a collector of old tomes of distant learning, like 1900's knowledge books, found in most older libraries or school collections of the previous decades.  Well some of those books are in a compost heap today.

 Hot is the name of the game for just about everyone south of Nome, sighs, I don't like hot weather that much, or is it that I hate being cough, cough, cough half the day.  The humidity is such that a small heat engine could suck a lot of water out of the air.  Like those water devices you can now buy, where you plug them in and then you get filtered water in a few days by the gallons. 

 Most of you folks with air conditioning have such devices.  In fact make sure that your condensation drip line is put to good use, start collecting that for your gardens, or some other use please.  There are methods to some of the madness we live in to get out of it.  I know that not everyone has A/C that reads this blog, but if you do, gather that moisture and use it for something rather than just dripping out the sewers.

My dad has pointed out that if he could work it out, he'd use tub water for a water source, and sink water too, as yet it is a project on a far back burner, but it something any home designer has to think about, even though some areas you can't do that unless you rig up the system yourself, laws and all that being what they are in some areas.

I have been working on my prefect house design, It has for decades been centered on a footprint of a 15 foot by 15 foot room.   It was my living room in Mississippi State when I lived off campus,  on big room like a loft apartment all it's own 15 feet on a side and 11.5 feet tall.  There was a fiberboard of some sort on the walls over a hardwood lattice work that was the under wall, so I had good mounting abilities and did a lot with the room as far as putting display shelves for my vast bottle collection, which at the time of my move leaving the place was over 2,500 bottles.  Some of which I still have a huge part of at least the small ones or the favorite and fancy ones I hope.  I know I gave away about 50 to 75 of them to someone in Huntsville, recycled about 300 of them but still there are boxes and boxes of them unseen for 20 years.  Most of them are still worth something to someone besides myself, but maybe only if I gather them all up and get some other collector to give me a small chunk of change for them.  Something I might get a chance to look into in another decade or so, that is how far down on the list that item is placed.

Anyway back to my house design.  I finally decided to add a cellar to the design, as not all houses have to be above ground and this will allow me to design a boat like dwelling something that would float if the area around here had an earthquake.   I am used to living in a house under 900 square feet, have been off and on for 35 years.  Though most of the living space would be considered filled to the brim, I never saw walls that I did not try to use as shelf space or something like that.  My bedroom has glow in the dark paint on every flat wall surface and the ceiling,  and I have darkened it so that whenever it is night or dark enough the stars come out.  Right now people would find the space a bit filled as I have hung several strings of threads to objects like toy cars and small bottles , those little 50 ml bottles I have a lot of have gotten several new display styles going for them.  It was a display Orange but about the size of a soccer ball, and it is hanging over by the air vent like a planet and has been hooked into the cabling overhead so that the sky has cable cars that are hung there for added oddities.  Maybe they will get taken down when the summer is over or maybe the space will get fuller, as I also found my glow in the dark beads and threading material, some of which I have to get to a friend so she can have some stars in her sky too.

Oh by the way I met a guy named Chris at the Rev Room the other day that said he was a local winemaker and he was showing me his garden's picture.  Hey Chris if you can lets get back together and exchange more ideas,  tomatoes are great but can you live off them?  I know that the raised beds are mostly a must in our soils, but have you tried french double digging to move some of the subsoil up so that over time you can get a better soil deeper down.  Oh and do you happen to use rice hulls as a source of soil carbon and fluffiness?  Oh and other questions, but I guess they will have to wait till I see you again.

I was also working on several plans for small spaces of growing things with as many uses for the vertical as well as the horizontal as I could think of using.  Using north facing spaces for fruit trees that are laddered and shortened so that you get better space per tree.  Over the top systems of hanging planters that can aid in shading for hot weather or just using the overhead spaces that are there to use like you would in a greenhouse.  My earlier thinking of 400 sq feet per month has been honed down to 900 sq feet overall with several experiments still needing to be tested.  I know there is the guy on Youtube that has the parking lot greenhouse spaces that uses fish as the basement of a 2 to 3 tier growing system and gets huge results.  So this isn't hard it is thinking outside the boxes we have put ourselves into that is the key.

We aren't short of food, we are short on getting that food to the people that need it.  We live in an industrial food culture that says we have to grow it on huge tracts of land and do it with labor saving machines, only to see the farm waste run into the millions of tons every year and not even get to people's tables.  We have people that if it is not in a box in the store they can't cook it.  We have nations that can't get the crops to the people because of a political stumbling block not a supply problem.  Over and over we have tons of waste and not a lot of getting the food to where the people are or in a fresh enough form so that they are getting more of the vitamins in the crops.

Somewhere in all this we can get better at getting food to where it needs to go or grow more food where the people are at or move people around so that growing food and people are in the same local places.  We can grow food wherever there is light and we can get light even underground,  or in space.  People have been talking about floating man made islands for years we aren't limited to land, we never were.

Most of the world's problems stem from one group hating another group or wanting land for their own, something tied to greed.  I can understand greed,  I like to collect a lot of things, and you get to a point where you literally run out of space to put things, so you are faced with your own wants and needs and have to give up the wants and just deal with the needs.  But we don't need greed, or hate, though we might be stuck with them till people can work on getting along better. 

One thing this whole Biowebscape Design process is about is figuring out things that can be gained through the systems we have in place and to rework the product streams so that less waste and more useful outcomes can be garnered with what we do have.  Labor is needed to feed people if they are all growing their own food and getting little of it from the stores and mega-farms of today.  But not every product we have today is bad. Which ones do we want to keep and which ones can go by the wayside into some reusable product stream so as not to be wasted in the city dump or worse yet poured on the ground and wasting our environment to the point that only the odd creatures in nature can deal with, but not the standard ones we normally think of as life.   Like so many other people out their in the design world I have a lot of ideas and even have a small following, but this is not the end of the process, only the beginning.

Well Off to cough another day, and see if I can drain another barrel to water the garden, or have I hit rock bottom on that already.

Christ's peace to you all.